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My photography is primarily intended for contemporary wall art. I plan and shoot my photos with fine art prints in mind. The final prints are composed for a life in print rather than on a computer screen.

To achieve optimum quality my prints are fulfilled by a personally-selected fine art print house. I chose the paper & inks that create a stunning end-product with exceptional colour accuracy and longevity.

Below is a description of the print formats available to order through the site. If you have any requests for a custom size or format, please get in touch with me.    


Giclée Fine Art Print Giclée printing is the medium of choice for art galleries and museums throughout the world. This is the finest print standard available, yielding the greatest quality and depth of colour.

This high quality printing technique is achieved with a combination of textured Fine Art graded paper and of state-of-the-art print-heads.  


My prints are available in a choice of sizes. Note that some images are available in larger sizes than others. This depends on the size (resolution) of the original file, the camera used, and whether the image has been cropped. Prints are sized according to the measurement of the paper across it’s longest edge. For example, for a 30-Inch Print: • A landscape photo will measure 30 inches wide. • A portrait photo will measure 30 inches high. • A square photo will measure 30 inches wide and 30 inches high. You should therefore wait until you receive your prints before buying mounts and frames.

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